Junior Bourne End Week

Junior Bourne End Week ran from 31 May to 2 June, immediately after the main regatta. Fun racing, treasure hunt and regatta for under 18s. Breakfasts, Bar-B-Q and snacks were all available. See the Gallery for some photos of the opening by Chairman of Wycombe District Council, Councillor John Savage, wearing his chain of office. He started the first Pico rigging race for the 35 youngsters competing in the event. Alan Markham and Sarah Collen worked hard to make this inaugural event a success and it could well become a permanent fixture in the Club programme.




By Lizzy Markham


Our first JBEW was very successful. The weather was horrible for main Bourne End Week, but on the Thursday it brightened up to a nice wind and sun, luckily no rain!

 Just like the grownups it started with a proper briefing, Alan Markham, Upper Thames’ Rear Commodore stood on a chair and got a loud cheer. The crowd settled down and he told us what would be happening that day. In the Briefing we got sorted into three teams: the top team, Junior Jibers, the Middle team, Roll-Tackers and the bottom team, the Capsizers! The Capsizers team even had the little-uns in it!!

 After the Briefing the Chairman of Wycombe DC and his chain came to visit us and blew the whistle to start the Laser Pico rigging race. All 3 teams rushed around their boats putting things on them, when the last team was finished rigging their Pico the results were 1st: Junior Jibers, 2nd: Roll-Tackers and 3rd: Capsizers. Then the Mayor blew his whistle again to start a de-rigging race when the last team had finished this one the results were 1st: Capsizers, 2nd: Roll-Tackers and 3rd: Junior Jibers.

 Next we had a treasure hunt and for that we had to collect 5 flags but 3 of them were on the other side of the river so each team had to sail themselves across the river. You only had 1 Topper and 1 Laser Pico between each team. Not all the team-mates could fit on the boats because you could only have 3 people on each boat. It took 2 trips or more to get the whole team on the other side.

After the treasure hunt we had a fun race: it was basically a square course. In that race you were allowed 2 in a topper or 3 in a Laser pico.


Cadet Course

On Friday it was bright with light wind. Firstly we had a briefing with Adrian Hart and Alan Markham. It was the day we raced to find the JBEW Champion. At 11:15 the first serious race started, there were lots of different boats sailing in the race including the following: Toppers, Laser Picos, OKs and Optimists. 

We had a fun race so that the serious competitors could have a rest and calm down. It was the square course again. A few people in Lasers capsized but they got back up and they were fine so it didn’t matter so much. After the fun race it was lunchtime and everyone was starving for something to eat. It was baguettes and sandwiches. Tuna baguettes got sold out near to the end of lunch. Next was the second serious race, with the wind running out fast. The next fun race didn’t need any wind – we split up into girls against boys and had to get all of us across the river and run over to touch a flag on the little hill. Roy Burnham was bringing the flag and some of us got to the hill before him!

 The prizegiving was good news for everyone, especially Alex Hobern, our first Junior Bourne End Week Champion! Tom Preston was second and Laura Haigh was third. All of us who sailed in the serious races got a prize and everyone who joined in something was given a bright yellow Laser Pico t-shirt or a Laser water bottle. We all put on our new t-shirts and called ourselves ‘the banana club’. After pizza, salad and ice cream for tea we had a skittles competition with all the children in teams.

Saturday was sunny again with even less wind. There was no serious stuff today – we played capsizing for a while and had another fun race around the square course, then a second fun race where we had to get over to a Laser Pico hull and collect a fender and bring it back. We were supposed to put the fender in a plastic tub but Adrian made it much harder by squirting us with the hose to put us off! Tim S won that race. The regatta was supposed to finish with a barbeque lunch but everyone went sailing again and wouldn’t come back in again until we were promised more ice cream. Adrian took groups of us out in the A Rater No 1 – Kingfisher. I even helmed it for a bit and so did Alice.

The regatta ended with everyone promising to come back again for more fun next year…