OK Open 21st & 22nd June 2008

OK Open 21 / 22 June 2008.

 The Upper Thames is entitled to celebrate its success in this year’s OK Open Meeting, which attracted a total of 22 participants including 7 visitors from South Staffs, Fishers Green, Burghfield, and South Windermere sailing clubs.  On Saturday evening 50 UTSC members and visitors enjoyed the superb dinner provided by Ann and Lou.   Our thanks go to Nigel Garland, who was our Race Officer, as well as the Fire Fly and Handicap fleets, the House Committee and all of the club members who helped out before, during and after the event to make this such a successful and enjoyable meeting. 

The main UTSC heroes of the weekend were Terry Curtis, who won the Yeatman Bowl Trophy, Julian Burnham who came overall second, Jim Howden who won the  first race and our 3 Cadet members Tom Preston, Sam Preston and Alex Hobern.  Alex managed to take a third place in the first race behind Jim and Terry.   In the overall results, the UTSC competitors took 3 of the first 5 places,  Terry Curtis taking the no.1 spot,  followed by Julian Burnham, and Gavin Waldren from South Staffs.  Joint fourth places went to Mike Haigh of UTSC and Darren Prior from the South Windermere Sailing club.

 The first two races on Saturday were sailed in overcast conditions with very variable winds that fluctuated between almost nothing to brisk gusts. One gust combined with a broken tiller extension resulted in a collision that unfortunately put Tom Preston out of the first race. 

On the Sunday, the weather changed to bring out both the sun and the wind. The high winds gradually reduced the number of competitors taking part in the 3 races, but the wind provided  exciting racing for those who managed to sail, although Mike Haigh wounded his boat while challenging the low water buoy during a start.  A detailed report of the racing is available on the Yachts & Yachting website: