Upper Thames Sailing Club





 Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd  JULY 2017




 The 2017 Club Championships will be a 2-day event for the following cups and trophies.

 Gold Cup and Silver Burgee event.
 The Gold Cup series will be raced over the both days of the club championships. A maximum of 5 races will be raced over the weekend. Three of the Gold Cup races  will also be qualifying races for the Silver Burgee race.
 The class winners of the Series 1 races and three of the designated Gold Cup races will qualify for the Silver Burgee Trophy event. The Silver Burgee race will be s  sailed on the Sunday. 

 Gold Cup  (PHC)– to be raced as a personal handicap series of five races with one discard if all five races are completed, if less than 5 races are completed, all  races are to count.

 Silver Burgee (CPN)- The class winners of the Series 1 races and the individual class winners (on CPN results) of the three qualifying Gold Cup and the Cadet  Challenge races will qualify for the Silver Burgee final. Should the same boat qualify more than once, the next boat in that same race will go forward to the final. 

 Hugh Davis Trophy (CPN)- to be raced for by competitors who did not qualify to enter the Silver Burgee final

 Kearns Cup. Separate class racing for Raters, Normal boat handicaps apply. All races are to count.

 Cadet Challenge Trophy (CPN) Series race for all club cadets.  Three out of four races to count.

Jim Bassett Trophy (CPN) A single race for UTSC club cadets.



Sailing Programme

Saturday 22nd July


10:00 Galley Open.

 10:55 Raters Kearns Cup Race 1

 11:00 Gold Cup Race 1  &  Silver Burgee qualifier 1

 11:05 Cadet Challenge Race 1 & Silver Burgee qualifier 1

12:00 onwards Snack lunches available

 13:35 Raters Kearns Cup Race 2

 13:40 Gold Cup Race 2  & Silver Burgee qualifier 2

 13:45 Cadet Challenge Race 2   & Silver Burgee qualifier 2

 14:35 (approx)  Raters Kearns Cup Race 3  (back to back)

 14:40 (approx)          Gold Cup Race 3 

 14:45 (approx)  Cadet Challenge Race 3 

16.30 (approx.) Sailing and  onshore children’s games

18:30 onwards Social events 

SUNDAY 23rd July


 Silver Burgee Final – The finalists for the Silver Burgee will comprise of the class winners of the Club Series 1 races and the designated qualifying races of the Gold  Cup and Cadet Championship races. The first boat from each race will to go forward to the final.  The final will be sailed as a CPN race. 


08.30   Breakfast and galley open for hot drinks 

 10:30 Raters Kearns Cup Race 4

 10:35 (approx)         Gold Cup Race 4  & Silver Burgee Qualifier 3

 10:45                         Cadet Challenge race 4 & & Silver Burgee qualifier 3

 11:15 (approx) Raters Kearns Cup Race 5

12:00 onwards  Snack lunches available

 13:00 Jim Bassett Trophy (Cadet sailors)

 13:05 Gold Cup race 5 

 13:10 Raters Kearns Cup Race 6

 14:40 (approx.) Silver Burgee Final (One start – handicap flag)

 14:45 (approx.)         Hugh Davis Trophy (for non Silver Burgee qualifiers)

15:45  Children’s events and Cream Tea & Cakes

17:00  Prizegiving